The Local & GlobalTeam continues to keep an eye on recycling issues following our victory in the battle of Ellar Ghyll!

There was some good news announced by Bradford Council’s recycling officer at the February 2013 Neighbourhood Forum.  The Council will be moving to collecting our recycling bins fortnightly and we will be able to put plastic bottles in with the glass and cans.  This will probably start in our area in late summer/September 2013.

Meanwhile, the recycling officer clarified that the bins at Kirklands just take plastic bottles – that is basically anything that pours!  Please don’t use the bins for yoghurt pots, plastic bags, vegetable trays etc. 

More positive news – we can now put Tetra Pak in the paper bins at Kirklands.  Tetra Pak are the containers that fruit juice often comes in.  Unfortunately, we can’t yet put them in our home recycling bins.

There is a lot more information on what you can recycle and where, on the Council website.


We are now collecting used ink jet cartridges.  There is a box for these on the window sill by the side door from the carpark. Unfortunately, we are unable to take Epson and Kodak cartridges as these are ink tank rather than ink jet.  We also cannot take cartridges which have been previously refilled.

All proceeds will go to the Britsh Red Cross.


You are now able to gift unwanted jewellery (including broken and costume jewellery) to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society.  Envelopes for the jewellery are available from Charlotte.


Used stamps are collected for Christian Aid and RNIB.  Boxes are available on the window sills in the Church foyer.


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