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Organ pipes

Menston Methodist Chapel was built in 1886 without an organ.  In the early days, singing was accompanied by a harmonium, but in 1899 the arched recess behind the choir was adapted to accommodate a pipe organ.  The instrument was built by James Connacher & Sons of Huddersfield at a cost of £214.

In 1967 general renovations to the Chapel involved the relcoation of the organ console and the choir stalls so that a more open communion area could be created.  The console was moved to the west side of the building and an electric action organ was installed by Laycock & Bannister of Cross Hills, Keighley.  At the same time, the range of the manuals was increased to the standard 61 notes, which involved adding 3 more pipes for each stop.

In 1993, the electric action was completely renewed by J M Spink of Middleton, Leeds at a cost of £8,000.

Organ Specification

Pedal Organ   Swell Organ   Great Organ  
Bourdon 16' Open Diapason 8' Open Diapason 8'
Bass Flute 8' Lieblich Gedact 8' Hohl Flute 8'
Swell to Pedal   Viol D'Armour 8' Dulciana 8'
Great to Pedal   Harmonic Piccolo 2' Principal 4'
    Horn* 8' Harmonic Flute 4'
    Oboe 8' Fifteenth 2'
    Tremulant   Swell to Great  
    Swell Sub Octave   Swell Sub Octave to Great  
    Swell Octave   Swell Octave to Great  
*revoiced by F Booth & Son (1991)      


  • 3 thumb pistons to each manual

  • 3 toe pistons to each manual (duplicating above)

  • reversible pistons to Swell to Great, Swell to Pedal, and Great to Pedal

  • 3 general pistons to entire organ (new 1993)

  • general cancel piston

  • crescendo pedal to Swell Organ

Manual range: 61 notes (5 octaves) CCC to C'''
Pedal range: 30 notes (21/2 octaves) CCC to F

Total pipes : 774

Our Organist

Michael Pratt has been organist of Menston Methodist Church since 1976.  During this time he has given a number of recitals, pieces from which have been recorded and appear on a CD, available on request.  Other highlights include several come-and-sing performances of Handel's Messiah as accompanist and numerous Drama Group musicals and shows providing keyboard accompaniment.  Michael has also played with Fulneck School Choir at the Moravian Chapel and Pudsey Parish Church.  Michael will also be giving lunchtime organ music recitals in Church on the second Friday of the month at 1pm on:
Friday 13 October 2023
Friday 10 November 2023
Friday 8 December 2023


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