The Power & The Story


This year long project commenced in September 2016 which the Wharfedale & Aireborough Circuit developed to encourage our churches to engage with the story of the Old Testament and how it points us towards Jesus and gives us a deeper understanding of God's plan for the salvation of all people.

After a very successful first year the project is continuing from September 2017 but is moving to the New Testament.

The Power and the Story NT Lectionary for 2017/18

Track One Reading Plan : The Life & Significance of Jesus
Track Two Reading Plan : 100 days (a chapter a day mostly!)
Track Three Reading Plan : The NT in the order it was written (mostly!)


Rev Tim Perkins will continue to lead two study groups for folk from Menston and Burley.  There is a Monday evening group from 7.30pm to 9pm at Burley and a Tuesday afternoon group from 1.30pm to 3pm at Menston.  Both groups are open to people from both churches.  The dates and themes of the sessions are set out below.  Please let Rev Tim Perkins know if you would like to take part (01943 864187 or

The dates for 2017 are:

Date Reading Topic
Monday 11 or Tuesday 12 September Matthew ch 1 v 1 - ch 2 v 23 The Coming of the King
Monday 25 or Tuesday 26 September Luke ch 2 v 41-52 In my Father's House
Monday 2 or Tuesday 3 October Matthew ch 3 v 1-7 Jesus & John
Monday 9 or Tuesday 10 October Luke ch 4 Jesus begins his ministry
Monday 30 or Tuesday 31 October Luke ch 5 v 1-11 The calling of the disciples
Monday 13 or Tuesday 14 November John ch 2 v 1-12 The wedding at Cana
Monday 27 or Tuesday 28 November Matthew ch 4 v 23 - ch 7 v 29 The Sermon on the Mount
Monday 11 or Tuesday 12 December Luke ch 1 & 2 The real Nativity


The dates for 2018 are:

Monday 8 or Tuesday 9 January    
Monday 15 or Tuesday 16 January    
Monday 22 or Tuesday 23 January    

Each session contains a number of common elements:  a group reading that runs throughout the course, a time of quiet reflection to begin each session, a chance to Learn from the Word, and an opportunity for Truth in Action or something to focus on throughout the week.



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