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A weekly notice sheet is  available each Sunday which details the activities and meetings of the coming week as well as other items of interest.

Items to be included in the notices should be received by 11am on Thursdays.

Details can be left in the Church office: Tel: 01943 871909 or email:


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24 March
21 March
Sunday 15 March
Sunday 8 March
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We are trialing a quarterly edition of this magazine which includes a letter from the Minister and news from our Lay Worker whose special role involves Discipleship & Outreach. There are also details of Sunday Services, prayers and information about social activities as well as members' contributions.

You will also find contact names and telephone numbers for our church officers and people holding special roles.

As information is now gathered for a three monthly issue it would be advisable to check the Weekly Notices for  amendments and updated news of activities within the Church and Circuit.

The Messenger is free of charge although donations towads the printing costs would be welcomed. Copies are available in the Church foyer and in Cornerstone cafe.

Your contributions for the next edition should be submitted to the editor, Margaret Paine at any time, but need to be received no later than the relevant deadline date. Thank you.

Tel: 01943 871909 (Church office)

email: office@menstonmethodist.org.uk

       Messenger           Deadline         
   Winter 2019/20   12 November
   Spring  2020   16 February
   Summer 2020   12 May
   Autumn 2020   12 August




Please click on the link below for
the Messenger:
Spring 2020
Winter 2019

Autumn 2019
Summer 2019


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