Lake District 2013


15 - 18 March 2013

We have once again enjoyed our walking weekend, this time based at Portinscale near Keswick.

18 members of the church 'long' walk group came.  As usual not everything went according to plan! Travelling there on Friday we found the A65 closed before Ingleton from 9:30am.  The first 3 cars got through as the road was being closed, those following a few minutes later had to make a 20 mile detour to our coffee stop.  Not a good start, then heavy rain at our first walk rendezvous, so quickly plan B came into operation.  Eventually we managed a dry afternoon walk from our hotel along Cat Bells terrace, returning on the lakeside. It was on this walk we had our next 'blip' - we had intended using a local cafe for our sandwiches each day but discovered it was closed for refurbishment!  So on to plan C!  Fortunately, we found a friendly obliging cafe owner at the marina who willingly offered to do sandwiches for us each day. The size of his baguettes and scones had to be seen to be believed!

All went well for our Saturday walk, the overnight rain eased off and we walked from Keswisk through Applethwaite and Millbeck to Dodd and Lake Bassenthwaite, it kept fine and dry all day with even a few hints of the sun.

On Sunday we awoke to a winter wonderland, there had been snow on the fells all the time but now everything was covered, but how beautiful it looked.  This day's walk was in Borrowdale (renowned for being the wettest area in the Lakes!!)  From Rosthwaite we walked to Seatoller and Seathwaite encountering several snow showers but taking in the fabulous views.  Almost back to the cars we came across a 'small' problem, the easy path turned a corner and we were met by a steep, rocky section that could only be crossed using chains attached to the rocks – quite a challenge but thankfully everyone made it safely and lived to tell the tale.

After overnight snow most of us decided to do the last walk.  We drove to Ullswater and walked to Aira Force and Dockray - a delightful walk, with a picnic in the woods despite the cold.  The icing on the cake (literally) was the drive back over the Kirkstone Pass on our way home.  Spectacular views, we could have been in the Alps.  We even managed to avoid the detour home by stopping for a drink before the road was opened again.

Thank you for all the laughter and friendship -another memorable weekend to remember.

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